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Welcome to Float Utila!

We are proud to be the largest flotation tank in the world and Utila's # 1 attraction. Our tropical oasis is located on the Caribbean island of Utila, Honduras. Not familiar with floating? There is much to tell, but here is a preview of the many health benefits of flotation therapy:

Creates an extreme and prolonged sense of well-being, approaching euphoria
Reduces stress, provides the deepest relaxation possible

Relieves anxiety and depression

Cleanses the body of toxins, softens and smooths skin

Lowers blood pressure

Enhances creativity and higher learning

Provides pain relief and speeds recovery from physical activity and injury

Reduces symptoms of jet lag

Creates an ideal environment for meditation and lucid dreaming

Relieves back pain & discomfort during pregnancy

Alleviates discomfort from sandfly/insect bites

To find out more, please dive deeper into our website. We would love to share the wonders of floating with you!



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